Horse Behavior Consulting


Training Philosophy

Positive reinforcement techniques are primarily used to encourage trust and cooperation. This leads to a better relationship with your horse and the ability to provide increased care and well-being.


To empower horse owners, improve equine health and wellness.

Teaching People to Train

Tara has taught 100's of animal professionals and pet owners to teach all types of animals.  She trained marine mammals for 9 years and uses the same techniques for the cooperation of all species.

Upcoming Events!

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Please contact Tara if you'd like to schedule a clinic on Enrichment, Behavior Issues or Clicker Training for Tricks. Gather your friends and she will come to your barn to create a fun and informative event!


Horse Consulting

Veterinary procedures


Teach your horse to stand quietly for injections, blood draws, de-worming, radiographs, medical treatments and more.

Standing for the farrier


Prepare your horse for the farrier by teaching safe hoof handling.  Tara will help you with a written plan, coach you during the training sessions and give you homework until the next visit.

Trailer loading


Are you anxious about thought of loading your horse? We can teach you to break the behavior down into small steps and have your equid volunteering to step into the trailer.


Click-a-Trick Clinic at Sand Hill Stable

Tara teaches training clinics as well as enrichment for groups at your barn. Following the presentation we work with some horses on their specific goals. All of the attendees are welcome to interact and ask questions.



Understand the benefits of providing an enriched environment for your horse. Learn ways to increase forage time and strategies to encourage natural behaviors for all horses, including those on stall rest. View examples of the 5 categories of enrichment.

Enrichment Workshops


A fun and informative 2 hour workshop includes a presentation and the hands on creation of your own enrichment items. Using re-purposed materials you can create items within several categories of enrichment to take home for your horse.


Horse Testimonials

"When we receive neglected and abused horses in, they usually come with behavioral issues as well. Tara has been instrumental in helping these horses develop trust and behavioral modifications through positive reinforcement, which in turn relieves the horses' anxiety and stress levels. In particular, ‎a mustang that we have has severe trust issues from unknown amounts of abuse. Tara broke down steps into smaller and smaller steps to help regain the trust of this girl. Tara is very good about thinking outside of the box and evaluates each situation to understand what the underlying factor might be. Then she's able to help the horse work through it in an extremely positive and rewarding way. Not only does Tara work very well with the animals, she is a wonderful communicator and also made sure that the staff and volunteers were all on the same page with the training. She never hesitates to offer education sessions and answers all questions willingly and happily. I thoroughly enjoy partnering with Tara and learning about clicker training. I never realized how powerful a clicker can be until Tara showed us the technique! It has been working wonderfully for us!"

-Nikki Barn manager for the Medina County SPCA

"Farrier visits were a nightmare for Phoenix, my 5 yr old Arabian gelding. He had to be tranquilized by a vet for each farrier visit. By the 4th lesson with Tara we had mastered everything required for a routine farrier visit. Now I use Tara's behavioral training techniques for anything I want to teach my horses. For the first time in 2 years, I am able to communicate effectively with my horses."


"I had been gravely sick for several months, consequently, my horses had limited handling and interaction from me. When I recovered, I tried to get back into the swing of equine care only to discover my 2 geldings had developed sour manners and challenged my human authority.  I became frustrated and even angry. I knew I needed help.  Tara was exactly what we needed... actually, Tara was exactly what I needed.

Tara helped me re-develop softer, more consistent skills towards the horses. She fostered a greater 'horse sense' in understanding the horses' behaviors, both good and bad. She showed me how to modify some of my behaviors that became rewarding for both the horses and for myself. Bad behaviors subsided and equine harmony returned to my barn. I had control and peace of mind back. Frustration subsided and genuine enjoyment and connectedness returned.  I am empowered to be a horse owner once again. I am truly grateful for the time Tara spent with me. I once again have quality barn time back in my life."

Mary Ellen

"Lacy (on stall rest) had her stitches out this week and the vet said everything looks good. We used the clicker training to do bandaging repairs and to remove the bandages and have not relied on the medication for safety. The slow-feeding hay bag has been a real blessing now that the other horses have been outside all day! Thank you for your interest and dedication in working with Lacy.  We are the better for it!"


"I'm off to get some supplies. I thought it would be nice to THANK YOU first for a fun night and inspiring night.  I would attend tis program again and bring some friends."


"My horse is at a boarding stable for training. Today I tried the clicker training to get her to touch my hand. That was easy. She did it right away."


"Tara Gifford recently spoke at the Ashland Public Library on animal training and positive reinforcement. Her presentation was great and the audience really enjoyed her hands-on clicker training demonstrations. I would enjoy hearing Tara again!"

Shelley Clements, Customer Relations Management